Thursday, August 2, 2007

Vascular Wrap-up

Vascular Surgery
Week 7

The Last Post

Last time I left a taunting message about my research—now it’s time for some results! It turned out that the average age of the last menses was 48 and that surgery would occur within 20-29 years after this age with 99% statistical confidence. This identified the patient population with ages 68-77. The HRT data revealed that there was no significant difference between patients on HRT vs. not for primary patency while patients with osteoporosis were worse-off than those without osteoporosis. This is interesting data that may suggest that patients with osteoporosis who undergo vascular procedures should have more frequent patency check-ups.

This is the last post for me! One thing that I pulled away from this experience is that I do not want to be a doctor, at least not a surgeon! They have an intense lifestyle to say the least, and they basically live at the hospital. Otherwise I had a chance to see some great technology and procedures that I wouldn’t be exposed to anywhere else, and living on the Upper East Side rent-free was unbeatable. Thanks to Dr. Vouyouka, and thanks for reading!

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