Thursday, August 2, 2007

Code Blue in the OR

During this week I was able to observe a few more surgeries and attend a few more rounds. I was luckily able to scrub into another tracheaesophageal fistula. The patient was two days old and had a type C fistula which consists of an upper esophagus ending in a blind pouch and a connection between trachea and fistula. Dr. Spigland was able to occlude the fistula and connect the esophagus back together.

However, during the esophageoesophagus connection the patient’s lung did not infant. The lung appear very deflated and small. A code blue was called and within 1-2 minutes a barrage of nurses, residents, and attendings came to help out. They ran into the room with concern expressions and eagerness to help out. The attendees quickly got the patient to start breathing again using manual ventilation. There was a pediatric cart in the room in case the use of a defiberator was needed. In actuality, most of the people who rushed in for the code blue just stood around watching while 1-2 attendees did all the work. But it’s a good sign when over a dozen people rush into the room minutes after a code was called.

I was able to make progress on my research and conclude some aspects of the project. I will continue to collaborate with Dr. Spigland on the research project dealing with esophageal atresia and hopefully write something up in the near future.

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