Sunday, July 29, 2007

Two anastomosis devices

In the last blog entry, I generally described the procedure of colectomy and making a J-pouch. In this entry, I want to introduce two important surgical devices that are used during this operation.

The first question is how to remove the colon. The magic gadget is called GastroIntestinal Anastomosis (GIA) device, which has two functionalities. First, it’s a cutting device that cut a piece of colon into two, as Shown in Fig. 1. At the same time, in order to prevent bleeding, it sutures the two edges of the cut simultaneously, as in Fig. 2. Two stagger rows of staples will be fired when the surgeon push the middle hidden blade to cut the colon. In this way, the entire colon can be removed easily and safely.The second question is how to connect the remaining part to the anal control muscle. This is more complicated. The End-to-End Anastomosis device has a detachable anvil at the distal end. To operate, the surgeon needs to put the anvil inside the remaining intestine and the EEA through the anus. Since both the anvil and EEA device have pointed piercing structure, they can connect to each other. After they are connected, squeeze the trigger to make a circular cut and anastomosis at the same time. Therefore, the remaining intestine is safely connected to the control muscle. After pull the entire device out from the anus, this step is finished.