Monday, July 16, 2007

One Patent-Pending: Chatting with histology department

Chatting with the histology residence last week was definitely interesting. I got to tour the facility and ask them questions on what improvements they would like to see with the devices in the lab.

These Dr.'s see multiple tissue samples a day, hunching over the microscope, severely straining back-neck-and-shoulders by the end of the day. One of the greatest improvements a resident wished for was a automatic remote controlled slide mover, and fiber-optic goggle attachment so that he may look at the specimen while sitting back in his chair. (I did a quick USPTO search....then submitted a provisional patent application) This would let histology look at many, many samples while relaxed!!

Also: I found out that you may test positive for TB if you look at to many TB-slices (e.g. most of the residence/Drs now test + at Weill) kinda scary!

One more histology fact: Fixing tissue is much easier to look at then, fresh or frozen tissue!

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