Sunday, June 24, 2007

Organ Transplants.. and more

I have been working with Dr. Kapur and Dr. Goldstein both Transplant surgeons specialized in kidney and pancreas.. Since the 2nd day of the program, I have had numerous visits to the Operation Room(OR) where I have seen kidney and kidney-pancreas transplants....Because I had never seen someone being cut up before, i didnt know how i would handle it. So having gotten up at 5 am for my 1st OR visitation, I prepared fully aware that I might faint and make a fool of myself. As turned out, I held up pretty good except that the smell of burning flesh from the electrical laser scapel was unbearable.... This was my first definition of success; I had overcome the fear of the OR..Well, in the next blog I will discuss what kidney and pancreas transplant entail as i saw it

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