Friday, June 29, 2007

The Emergency Room On A Saturday Night-Sunday Morning

NYC is a great place, lots of people to talk to, great food to eat, way to many ways to spend money. However, great educational-entertainment is easily obtained if you have access to the back-rooms of the ER at Cornell-Medical Center.....I DO!

Now I have seen many great things~Open Brain Surgery~Busted Aneurysms~Open Heart Surgery~Tendon/rotator cuff reconstruction. But nothing has compared to my 2 am visit to the ER after going out to a nice dinner!

The ER was cluttered with Manhattans elite; drunk CEO's with broken bones, as well as the not so fortunate stab wounded victims from a large street brawl. I was lucky that I went with my scrubs on, since it was hard to distinguish hospital-people in hustle and bustle.

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