Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Biomedical Engineering-what we are studying.

As engineers we are always trying to improve things. We look at our cars, computers, bikes and etc. looking at how we can make it better, easier to use, more efficient and effective.

As a biomedical engineer, we just through a medical utility twist on the overall basic engineering concept. Here at the Weil Medical Hospital, I have strengthened my understanding of what a Biomedical Engineer is and how we should be able interact with the physicians, nurses and medical staff who use our devices.

Since my time here this summer I have found that the medical staff like the tools and devices as simple as possible. Whether it is microscope to aide the physicians eyes, a dremal tool to cut the skull, or even a simple scalpel to make a incision, the simpler and more durable the better. The physicians goal is not to have fun or enjoy the surgery, but to treat the patient as quickly and safely as possible.

In many cases this summer I found that the physicians did not even know how to use "advance" features of the medical instruments they use....and they admit it! So what does this mean for me; someone who is conducting research on Acoustic Drug Delivery for his Ph.D. and wants to bring his idea to a reality in the operating room. It means that I have to make it simple, easy to use and effective.

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